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Isn’t it about time?

Simplicity’s platform is creating unified solutions for real estate, legal, and settlement stakeholders. Mission critical software to address the entire the ecosystem.

Isn’t it about time?

Understanding Canadians growing expectation for innovations in financial technology, Simplicity’s platforms will bring residential mortgages into the fold.

  • It can take 4 weeks or longer to prepare a mortgage application.

  • Simplicity’s goal is to reduce that time to mere hours.


Real Estate

Prolegis is the easy, accurate and comprehensive real estate conveyancing solution built for lawyers by lawyers. We took a step back, looked at all of the ways traditional real estate conveyancing software could be improved and created a platform that works the way you do.


“Just wanted to say I have worked the entire day from home with no glitches and no issues with printing documents – this is amazing for me when I compare to how other software worked.”

Sandra Card, Dixon Legal

“The Prolegis Team is amazing, very helpful, and literally available if needed with the “Chat” button within the program. They are very quick to respond if you need anything or have questions.

I recently hired an assistant, with legal experience, but none in Real Estate and she had never used any programing. She has had no problems with picking up the Prolegis program with very little instruction from myself and well within one month was very successful with using the program so I would say that it is very user friendly.”

Teena Thompson, Carlyle Law

“I started using Prolegis in July 2021.  The switch-over from Unity took time away from my busy real estate practice but it has been well worth the investment.  The staff at Prolegis went out of their way to assist me with the transition to their software which is comprehensive and intuitive. As a solo rural firm, the program meets all my conveyancing needs including access to shared precedents and checklists. I have found the most valuable feature of the system to be the tech & staff support. I always get a response quickly, along with a well communicated plan of when and how my needs will be met. My experience with Prolegis staff is that they truly care whether the software is working for me.”

Katherine C. Nunn, Barrister & Solicitor, Kate Nunn Law

We have been using Prolegis for the last two years, we discovered the application after another provider increased the rates substantially with no significant notice. We are happy to have made the switch.

Prolegis provides the ease of preparing and meeting all our conveyancing needs. We are able to create files quickly and generate the required documents. Prolegis provides great options such as having the ability to customize. Knowing that the program was curated by lawyers provided us with the confidence to know the program was built with user in mind. We are also easily able to communicated directly when we need assistance, Prolegis has a very open good process for communication with support. We are very satisfied users and recommend it to other firms looking for similar conveyancing application.

Amandip Badyal, Administrative Manager, Badyal Toor

We started using Prolegis after our conveyancing software provider raised prices dramatically.  Our staff learned the program quickly and the Prolegis support team helped very willingly and enthusiastically to help smooth any wrinkles.  Now our staff is proficient with the software and finds the platform to be efficient and effective.

Baldry Sugden LLP

Simplicity Settlement

An intuitive, secure and private mortgage application platform for both the broker and the borrower.

Available anytime, anywhere, on any device, seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.

Your clients, your data.

Simplicity provides the infrastructure to keep your data secure, it’s up to you to decide what to do with it!

Your clients, your data.

Simplicity provides the infrastructure to keep your data secure, it’s up to you to decide what to do with it!

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    Simplicity has assembled a team of experts in system design, software development and financial industry insiders to build the best solutions available.

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